About the Artist

Jean Peterson - Artist Naples FL, Wash D.C.Jean’s art is a beautiful combination of impressionism and realism. Her use of color and perspective works delightfully with the subjects she chooses. Each painting is carefully composed and yet freely painted by Jean from her vast collection of personal slides and memories. Her subjects are gleaned from the varied landscapes and scenery provided by the environments surrounding her homes in Maryland and Pennsylvania and her travels in the United States and Europe. Whatever the composition, Jean has painted it to express her original interpretation of the subject. Her paintings remind the viewer of favorite places. They evoke pleasant, quiet thoughts and inspire a sense of peace.

Jean studied art at The University of Maryland and at the Academy of Art in Memphis, Tennessee. In addition, she has studied at the Mistrik School of Art in Bethesda, Maryland under director Daniel Mistrik. During this time, Jean believes she developed her sense of color and perception and gained the confidence to assert her own emerging style. Her studies have also included figure drawing with William Calfee and Patricia Friend. Jean has been a member of several Montgomery County art leagues. Her paintings have been selected by Columbia Hospital, The National Cathedral for their collections and for reproduction, and are displayed in the Judge’s Chambers of the United States Courthouse. Jean’s paintings number many hundreds in private collections throughout the country.

Jean’s paintings are a tribute to her love of the world around her. They capture the essence of the forms she selects and are painted in her unique strong and sure manner. With her paint brush, Jean creates living memories and charming environs.
Until recently, Jean Peterson’s art was available only through her private collection, gallery shows, and through commissions from clients throughout the United States. Now, Jean has chosen the three paintings represented in this gallery — ‘Maroon Bells at Dusk’, ‘Garden Gate’, and ‘Wildflowers in Taos’  to be made available in print reproductions. Each reproduction has been exactingly printed to capture the true colors of Jean’s original oil painting. After careful inspection by the artist, each print is signed, numbered and validated with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. All prints are reproduced on 100 percent acid-free paper. Stated sizes refer to image sizes; overall print sizes are larger on each dimension. Prints are available either framed or unframed.
For more information about the availability of Jean’s reproduction prints, her original oils and acrylics, and commissions, please contact her  via email.


University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland

Memphis Academy of Art
Memphis, Tennessee

Mistrik School of Art
Bethesda, Maryland

Kensington Workshop
Kensington, Maryland

Gary Shankman Studios
Bethesda, Maryland

Art Symposium
Washington, D.C.

Arlington Art Center
Arlington, Virginia


 Potomac Art League Board of Directors
 Montgomery County Art Association
 Rockville Art League